Future Goals

  • We hope a major outgrowth of this conference will be the development of a  Central Google Site linking ALL Organizations involved in Disability and Rehabilitation Services in Cambodia that will have the following goals:
    • Creating a Community of Organizations and Individuals involved in Disability and Rehabilitation Services in Cambodia with 
      • Individual and Organization level Membership
    • Creating a Directory of Rehabilitation Organizations, including organization descriptions and links for ALL Disability and Rehabilitation Services Organizations in Cambodia
    • Publishing a Monthly Newsletter highlighting important events related to Disability and Rehabilitation
    • Facilitating Communication and Collaboration and encouraging the development of Synergies between various Member Organizations and Individuals
    • Helping to Establish National Guidelines and Goals
    • Providing a Blog/Announcement Page for Members to communicate broadly with each other
    • Providing a Portal for Education and Training that is Evidence-Based and consistent with International Guidelines
    • Providing links to Partner Vendor Resources for vetted companies selling Rehabilitation Equipment and Supplies in Cambodia at a discounted rate
    • Assisting Member Organizations and Individuals with upgrading their IT skills and learning how to Leverage Technology to achieve better outcomes with greater efficiency and at lower cost
    • Assisting Member Organizations in upgrading their IT Capabilities with a particular focus on:
      • Electronic Medical Records
      • Project Management
      • Data Collection
    • Assisting and  Encouraging the Publication of Research and Guidelines 
  • The domain CambodiaRehabilitation.org has been registered for the future Cambodia Rehabilitation Community Website.