Participant Presentation Abstract Submission

Conference Participants who wish to give a brief Participant Presentation related to their work in Cambodia may apply to do so.

During the afternoon of the conference, 100 minutes will be allocated to Participant Presentations. There will be a total of 12 Participant Presentations and attendees will have the opportunity to select and attend a total of 4 Presentations.

Presentations will last 20 minutes (15 minutes for Slide Presentation + 5 minutes Questions&Answers).

Candidates MUST submit an Abstract (summary) of their proposed Participant Presentation by completing the Participant Presentation Application Form no later than November 8, 2017. The abstract will be evaluated by the conference organizers and if approved, the speaker will receive an e-mail with instructions to submit their presentation. Actual submission of your presentation as a Google Slides Presentation MUST take place no later than November 12, 2017, three (3) days prior to the Conference. Instructions for Abstract Submission are found at the bottom of this Page.

The oral presentations are related to the service provided in rehabilitation centers, schools, hospitals, clinics, and any other institution that provides or is linked to rehabilitation around Cambodia, with an intention to share information and contribute to an effective network among the system. Therefore, the presentations on this event are not related to scientific papers but to practices and techniques that are currently being used in the country, as well as services provided in different areas of the health system with any correlation to rehabilitation. If the service/technique introduced comes from evidence-based medicine, the speaker should refer back to the original source.

These presentations will provide professionals with a broad idea of what is available in Cambodia in regards to rehabilitation in order to improve and facilitate referrals and multidisciplinarity. An improved knowledge of the system itself would then allow all practitioners to work together, increase the level of the service provided and strengthen the rehabilitation system in the country.

Topics may include:
  • Services being provided by the Institution / Organization
  • Different techniques being used
  • Available Resources
  • Differentiated actions the Institution / Organization has been doing in the Rehabilitation Field
  • Reachability of the organization in regards to the number of people it assists
  • Integration of the Institution / Organization in the Referral system for rehabilitation

Instructions for the Abstract Submission:
  • Register for the Conference 
  • Complete the Participant Presentation Application Form
    • Provide your Contact Information
    • Choose the Abstract Theme according to the main Rehabilitation Field to which it is related.
    • Provide the title of the Participant Presentation. This is limited to 15 words. It should be brief and clearly indicate the topic of the Participant Presentation.
    • The Abstract (summary) is limited to 300 words. The abstract should be clear and the Conference Evaluator should be able to understand the objectives of the proposed Presentation from the submitted description. 
    • Do not use tables and figures. They should be only included in the Presentation itself.
    • References are not required for the Abstract Submission.
    • The language of the Abstract, as well as the Presentation itself, should be English.
    • Submit the form.
NOTE: The abstract is not the presentation itself, but a preview of the topic so the Conference Organizers can evaluate and approve it to be part of the Participant Presentation Session of the Conference. The abstract must be clear and descriptive about the content of the presentation and its objectives.

Organizers and the HCVI Medical Library Team are available if you have any Questions or require Content or IT Support.

Content: Raphael Freitas

Mobile: 086 787 530

IT: Ko Heng


Mobile: 015 653 374