Speaker Presentations

Speaker Presentation Overview
After accepting the invitation from HCVI to present at the 2017 Cambodian National Rehabilitation Conference, the speaker should submit their presentation by filling out the form below. Please, be attentive to the following instructions:
  • Presentations will be accepted only through the following form and no flash drive or upload on the day of the event will be allowed
  • The presentation is limited to 30 minutes and no specific number of slides is required;
  • The language must be English;
  • The presentation must be done on Google Slides Format:
    • Google Slides is a tool from the Google Platform, very similar to the Microsoft PowerPoint;
    • If there's any doubt on how to use the tool, please contact us for support.

Instructions for Submission of your Speaker Presentation File:
  • Register for the Conference.
  • Complete the Speaker Presentation File Submission Form. (You will be required to sign in to a Google Account to complete the form. If you don't have one, click here and create a Google Account)
    • Provide your contact information.
    • Choose the Presentation Theme according to the main Rehabilitation Field it is related to.
    • Provide the title of the Participant Presentation. This is limited to 15 words. It should be brief and clearly indicate the topic of the Participant Presentation.
    • The Google Slide Presentation is stored on the user's Google Drive. To upload the file from the user's Google Drive account, follow the procedure below:
      • Click on "Add File" under Slide Presentation.
      • On the new window that pops up, click on the "My Drive" tab.
      • Type the name of the document in the search box.
      • Press "Enter".
      • Select your Slide Presentation.
      • Click "Select" on the left bottom of the page.
    • Submit the form.